Created a distinct book cover/book jacket design for Frank Herbert's Dune. The design is inspired by the theme of religious manipulation by the Bene Gesserit, one of the many factions vying for power in the book.
Although set far in the future, the setting is strangely 'fiefdom-ish.' It involves Emperors, Barons, Dukes, and 'Houses' which all have their coat of arms.
The story takes place on a singular planet called Arrakis—also known as Dune. The native inhabitants—The Fremen—are manipulated by the Bene Gesserit into thinking another faction—House Atreides (Hawk)—have come to bring prosperity to the barren, hard wasteland. 
House Harkonnen (Gryphin) are the mortal enemies of the Atreides. I placed the the title of the book between their symbols, alluding to their tension and rivalry.
The Fremen are based off of Arabic culture. The form of their language evokes heat and grace, building repetition between itself and sand dunes.

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